Currency Counters

Several manufacturers and models to choose from with a with a wide range of options and features; we're sure to have the right counter for you!

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Billcon N-120

Billcon N-120

Billcon N-Series Heavy Duty Currency Counter

-  Includes Models N-120, N-131, N-133
-  1200 npm speed, with multiple speeds
-  Counterfeit detection available
-  Heavy Duty Counter
Magner  Model 35

Magner Model 35

Magner Model 35S Medium Duty Currency Counter

The Model 35S Currency Counter is designed for basic currency counting applications, reliability, and simplicity of operation.  It is the longest produced, #1 selling currency counter in the world

Magner 75 Series

Magner 75 Series

Magner Model 75 Series Heavy Duty Currency Counter

The 75 Series offers the technology, performance, and productivity you expect from Magner - the global leader in desktop currency counters.  With a wide range of features and options including advanced suspect currency authentication and detection capabilities.

Laurel J-710A

Laurel J-710A

Laurel J-710A Currency Counter

-  Reliable and Economical Counter
-  3 Speeds up to 1500 npm
-  500 note hopper
-  Available with cf detection, model J-730A

Semacon S-1400

Semacon S-1400 Series Currency Counter

-  High-Speed Currency Counter for medium to very high level usage volumes
-  4 speed settings, Batch stop setting and 10 button numeric keypad
-  Models S-1400, S-1415 (UV cf detection), S-1425 (UV/MG cf detection), and
    S-1450 Dust Reduction System (MG/UV cf detection
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Semacon S-1100

Semacon S-1100 Series Currency Counter

-  Currency Counter for medium level usage volumes
-  Single Speed, Batch stops and 10 button numeric keypad
-  Dual displays
-  Models S-1100, S-1115 (UV CF Detection), S-1125 (UV/MG CF Detection)

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