Coin Sorters

Billcon CCS-65

Billcon CCS-65 Coin Sorter
The CCS-65 series feature simple mechanisms for easy operation and maintenance, yet, they are also able to sort 450 coins per minute. Includes advanced features such as push button function for quick access to selected and gross coin totals, and a photo sensor system for enhanced counting accuracy.

Magner 305S

Magner Model 305 S+ Coin Sorter

Designed for ease of use and rugged performance, the Pelican 305S+ Coin Sorter processes mixed coin at speeds up to 700 coins per minute.

Semacon S-530

Semacon Model S-530 Coin Sorter and Value Counter

Electric Coin Sorter and Value Counter with Bagging and Packaging/Wrapping functions.  Sorts mixed US penny, nickel, dime, quarter and dollar coins.  Displays count and dollar value for each denomination and total value. 

Scan Coin SC-22

Scan Coin Model SC-22 Coin Sorter

This compact and light unit will help you to count, sort, verify, tube and bag coins or tokens. Not only is it reliable when counting and off-sorting counterfeits, it is easy to operate as well.

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